I believe we can all agree that entertainment industry cannot function without key elements as catering, venue locations, technical equipment, and decor. From the organization view to advertising yourself and finding clients it can be a nightmare. If you are in any of those businesses, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As an organizer,…

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So you decided to leave your boring job and became a designer, model, actress, performer … Following your dreams is a big step in your life, but in a long run very satisfying and rewarding experience although you face many problems and obstacles, but in the end of the day you have a career you…

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The entertainment industry is a world of projects where companies are spending a significant amount of time and money planning and recruiting the right people, the crucial element of a successful outcome. Let’s talk about some of the biggest roadblocks we come across: team members talent technical staff venues décor extras Every project is specific,…

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