I believe we can all agree that entertainment industry cannot function without key elements as catering, venue locations, technical equipment, and decor. From the organization view to advertising yourself and finding clients it can be a nightmare. If you are in any of those businesses, you know exactly what I’m talking about.


As an organizer, the most common issue is finding the right company offering the exact services you need for a specific event/production. To do so, you have to search different channels and sometimes even perform magic. Yes, getting more common and advertised companies is a piece of cake and usually killing your budget, but how about 1000’s of others.

Within those you have a lot that are more specified in the field you need, have better prices, are available last minute… from amazing venues, unique technical equipment, delicious catering and they just might have the exact pieces of decor you envisioned. But do you have that extra time and resources to find them?

As an owner, it’s a competition. Let’s face it, there is almost one too many catering companies or hundreds of venues to choose from. And you may be better and have better locations to offer than someone else and for a better price even. But yet you’re still not booked as much as you deserve. That’s why having a channel for a straight business–client connection and advertisement is the key to success. Your brand needs to stand out, clients need to find you within minutes, out of millions just like you.cupcakes

“If your advertising goes unnoticed, everything else is academic“

– William Bernbach

In small circles, you can very easily end up spending more money on promoting yourself, instead, on things you need for your business to grow. Especially if your clients are friends of a friend of someone you know. You end up in a circle of people using your services based on knowing the right people and paying less. That’s exactly what you don’t want, knowing you are offering the best.


You need to build your brand reputation and be easy to find, it will bring better clients and more work that will get you paid. Also, you always need to ask for a feedback, but that doesn’t mean much if your future clients have no idea how happy your previous clients were. Reviews are important!


The bottom line is if you’re a client or an owner if you guys can’t find each other, hear or read about each other it’s game over.

To put a smile on your face and make your work more enjoyable, our team is working hard to deliver the best platform where you can advertise your services to the fullest, straight to the key clients and where organisers can find key elements in seconds.


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