So you decided to leave your boring job and became a designer, model, actress, performer … Following your dreams is a big step in your life, but in a long run very satisfying and rewarding experience although you face many problems and obstacles, but in the end of the day you have a career you love and that’s what life is all about.


I want to concentrate on those problems today, so you can get the idea of what is coming your way.

“Choose a job you LOVE and you will never have to work a day in your life”

– Confucius

Freelancers, I believe it’s no secret to tell you, that you will need to establish yourself and that can take years to do. Choosing this career type, you have to promote yourself, advertise your services trough as many channels as you can find. Writing adds, going to networking events etc. There is no room for being shy, where ever you go, you need to sell yourself or your product and can’t hide behind tweets and emails.

Let’s say you already established yourself, and you face a problem of WORK flow.

As a freelancer, you can work like crazy and then a month later nothing comes your way and you are struggling and stressing over bills that need to be paid. Where to look for new jobs? Events and productions are happening on daily basis, but how do you connect?


Models, actress, hostesses, performers … how to choose an agency, what agent to pick, who has the most connections and the biggest network. Riding solo? How to advertise yourself, where to look for casting calls, they are happening all the time!

Each agency works with a narrow amount of companies and self-promotion is not always successful, so the network is limited.

You might have a unique look, set of skills or the work you do, is one of a kind. But finding people or companies that are looking for your talent don’t even know you exist. It can be a huge struggle letting the world know about you and show them what you got to offer. It can even bring you to a point where you give up or start believing you’re not as amazing as you thought. There’s a client for even the most unique, out of the box talent, look. But where to find them …

You think, ” I have a great career, I will have more time now, for my friends and family, etc. and will do what I love.” Yes, that would be great, but with that comes a problem of doing everything else. You end up doing things like, emailing, project managing, invoicing, tax returns, checking bank accounts for payments and logging receipts.

As a freelancer, … you are a busy bee, so jolly holidays aren’t so jolly. And you seem to get distant from your friends, family, partner. All this is manageable, just relax and give yourself a day off. And guess what? You can, and you will be just fine. Its ok, if you start talking to yourself and laugh at your own jokes. Actually, I even read once that those are signs of a genius and you definitely are one. Do not let these problems get in the way of your dreams.

The Entsane team has been through it all, from all aspects of the entertainment industry, we know first-hand what it feels like dealing with these issues. So we decided to create a platform just for us in the industry and help out individuals like you all around the globe.


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