The entertainment industry is a world of projects where companies are spending a significant amount of time and money planning and recruiting the right people, the crucial element of a successful outcome.

Let’s talk about some of the biggest roadblocks we come across:

  • team members
  • talent
  • technical staff
  • venues
  • décor
  • extras

Every project is specific, you could have had a perfect team on the last set, but have to find an entirely new squad for the next. To get the right team, performers and other key elements needed it can get really time-consuming. We have to be in the industry for a while, know who does what best, network to build a base, know people who know people who know people, create auditions, hire casting and other agencies or go through numerous of channels to locate the perfect elements needed. It gets time-consuming, having to spend hours making calls, exchanging hundreds of emails, travelling, socializing … On top, there are always some last minute cancellations, changes, upgrades and we have to be prepared for it all …

Let’s not forget that we’re always working with some kind of a budget that we need to stick with. No matter what is it, it’s somehow always just a lil to short for our liking. Usually, when the budget is low, the client or our creative imagination wants the impossible. That’s when you have to find solutions fast and you can because you tend to make magic out of the impossible.

We love our job, even when we set the most unrealistic goals, but that’s what the entertainment industry is all about … crazier the better. The outcome is perfection and that is satisfying for us and the rest of the world enjoying out masterpieces.

We just wish it wouldn’t be such a struggle getting everything together. But that’s just how it goes when you live in the world of the entertainment industry.

“Multilevel multitasking multiplied multiple times is Event Management.”

– Rehan Waris

What if we could simplify that … we’re preparing something Entsanely amazing and it’s on its way to revolutionise the entertainment industry



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